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"I swear on Emma Swan"

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Lana Parrilla for Regard magazine, April 2014

And we love you

I’m so happy about this photoshoot because she deserves the recognition. And she still humble enough to recognize us as a group with love. She works her butt off and now that season is done, she gets to enjoys her free time with her family and friends. And a lot of sleep. And I’m really happy for her.

  • My friend: That's a very nice chair
  • Me: SERIOUSLY, that's all you see?! Is the fucking chair?!
Oh……..shit. I was not ready for this.
Me seeing Lana’s photoshoot.

Lana Parrilla | Regard Magazine April, 2014

Because my dash is filled with her photoshoots and I’m smiling and internally giggling like a school girl. Also I know that I’m not the only one. 

And let the reblogging fest begin!
Every Evil Regal after seeing Lana’s photoshoot (via once-upon-my-feels)

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