Now we need a real date with Regina and Robin. Where Regina gets to dress up all pretty, and Robin will bring her a flower and take her out somewhere nice. It would be adorable.

Chivalrous as he is, he will bring her the biggest bouquet she has ever seen and kisses the back of her hand saying she’s stunning in every way and she’ll smile the most happiest smile because she never had been this happy.

The dinner is going to outside, so Robin will be comfortable. But there will be lights hanging from the trees. He will have chocolate or s’mores for dessert and Henry would help with dinner ideas. The merry men (maybe with Henry and Roland) will serve the dinner and play music. They will be next to the fire to keep warm. And they can go for a walk under stars, next the river. And just talk about anything. Regina would get cold and the chivalrous thief would offer his jacket. Now I wouldn’t doubt that Robin knows how to plans an evening. 

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